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What I Bring To the Table


I have over 20 years of experience developing software in Javascript, C#, C++, C, Java,  Ada, and assembly language. I have been actively involved in all stages of the software life cycle.


I have worked in a wide breadth of industries, including aerospace, corporate I.T., and commercial finance. This experience has given me a large amount of knowledge about multiple domains that is hard to find in one person.

Problem Solving

I produce solutions that delight my clients and employers by making their business needs the primary driver of any technical decision I make. I always keep the end product in mind.  I have the ability to adapt and choose the best technology to solve the problem at hand. You will see increased productivity right away.


The depth and diversity of my experience gives me the ability to respond to any business need and drive immediately towards solutions which meet that need. Any solution I develop is designed solely with your business needs in mind and will work seamlessly with your other systems and applications.

My Work History

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“Brian is a dedicated, hard working [professional] with a great attitude. I not only studied with Brian but we worked together at Boeing and Brian had a very strong reputation as an embedded engineer there. I recommend Brian highly.” — John Resler

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