Systems Engineer at IBM (2009 - 2015)

  • Managed incoming work load of a 25-person Windows technical team and a 10-person UNIX team. Leveraged knowledge of UNIX to resolve complex UNIX server incidents. Technical point of contact for several IBM customers. Managed over 200 Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2012 servers which host mission critical applications for several multimillion-dollar IBM clients. Managed Active Directory infrastructure for several IBM clients

    • Developed demo apps in C# and Java to teach coworkers about object-oriented programming and design patterns.
    • Reduced Windows work backlog from over 1000 tickets to under 8 in 3 months, while dispatching work to a 25-person team.
    • Developed demo apps in Java to illustrate the Publish / Subscribe model used by CORBA and other common application architectures.
    • Developed cloud-based team metrics portals in HTML, Java, and JavaScript to provide visual status updates used at daily SCRUM meetings.
    • Reduced UNIX work backlog from 4000 to 1000 in 6 months by effectively dispatching work to a 10-person team.
    • Developed a web automation to identify and close invalid tickets that had gone beyond SLA.
    • Increased sysadmin productivity by over 35% by championing the use of Linux on the desktop.
    • Designed and implemented strategic automations as required in VBScript, C#, .NET, Java, BASH shell, and Visual Basic for Applications.
    • Successfully executed disaster recovery exercise for IBM Clients.
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